What is Bee? Bee LLC is comprised of two complementary entities: Bee by Nabiha is a fashion house started by designer, Nabiha Niazi. Bee by Nabiha offers designer handmade jewelry that is one-of-a-kind. No, we’re not lazy -- we do so because we want you to walk around with pride knowing that no one out there will have what you have! Bee by Nabiha donates $15 from each product sold to Bee LLC’S Charity of the Month through Bee Charitable. Bee Charitable (NPO) was created to bring together those who have resources and those who have been deprived of them. Through this organization we’ve adopted a mission to enhance peoples’ lives by offering the realization that to give and to ...
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  • Raising awareness/funds for local charities
  • Authentic Hand Made Jewelry

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  • Fund-raising

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