Najaam Lee

Vedic Image Group - CEO. Lifestyle Coach.Image Consultant. Creative Director
Westwood, MA

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Special Announcement: Attention All Ladies in Fashion & Entertainment!

Last message: Attention: Women + Men: Models, Actors, Recording Artists, Business Professionals, PR, Sales Executives, CEOs... Hello, I am so very excited to anounce our New LIVE Event, 'Born To Be TOP MODEL Seminar' This event is in...

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Ustream Q & A Styling Session with Najaam Lee

Last message: Greetings Ladies!  On Wednesday, 29th of June, at 10:30am to 12pm, Najaam will be holding a Ustream Q&A Styling Session. She will be anwsering your fashion and lifestyle questions and sharing some cool fashion t...

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Register Now >> "Summer Signature Style Program 2011"

Last message: Summer Signature Style Program 2011 (SSSP2011) For more details and to Register, go now>>   Sending loads of light, Najaam Lee CEO.Creative Director. Fas...

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Is Your Image Making The RIGHT Impression? Savvy Styling Private Intensive Coaching

Last message: Hi Ladies, Hope you are having a gorgeous day like me :) I want to share a quick reminder, do share with all your friends and associates! If you are an independent professional whose career or business brings you out into...

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Mix It Up: Diversity Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Diversity issues have always been important to me. In high school I wrote papers about race and equality issues, in college I started a multicultural organization, after college I wrote articles for a mixed race magazine, and prior to opening m...

By Nancy Vaughn - Added to favorites on January 20, 2011

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