What is a Pambra’s Bra Liner? ~ Effectively absorbs perspiration under and between the breasts. ~ Extends the usage of your bras. ~ Keeps skin drier to prevent chaffing and irritation. ~ Prevents wetness from seeping onto brassiere and clothing. ~ Now providing post-surgical options! A soft Cotton bra liner designed to absorb perspiration under and between the breast. Pambra’s also add comfort to under wire and irritating elastic. Wearing Pambra’s has been proven to reduce moisture that causes skin rashes and extends the usage of your bra. Anyone suffering from an unknown rash or fungus should consult a doctor prior to using Pambra’s, The Original Bra Liner.

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  • Pambra's Original Bra Liner [more]
  • Pambra's Original BiLateral Bra Liner [more]
  • Pambras Original Unilateral Bra Liner [more]

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