Before launching two successful businesses, Patty Lennon, M.S. enjoyed a 15-year career at one of the world’s largest banks, Citigroup. Promoted to VP at a young age she learned early on that an entrepreneurial attitude creates success in every environment. During her corporate years she received numerous awards for excellence in sales, training, leadership, operations and product development. She has a breadth of experience including leading operational teams through two mergers, training hundreds of employees in product disciplines, managing multi-million dollar technology projects and creating double and triple digit sales growth in every territory she managed. And non...
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Six Figure Soul Infusion Business Retreat

Since growing my own business to six figures and beyond I’ve wanted to host an event that serves as a catalyst for service-based entrepreneurs like you to embrace your soul’s role in creating prosperity and business growth. This is it! Only 20 tickets available! Hosted in Danbury, CT. Join me!

Dates: January 22
Fee: $97
Discount: N/A
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