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Robyn Hatcher - Owner

New York, NY


Robyn Hatcher
10 W. 15th St. #1220
New York, NY
Phone: 917.361.3860

Talk is Cheap: Communication is Priceless! SpeakEtc. is a presentation and communication skills training company that provides expert group and one on one coaching to individuals, corporations and organizations. Having once been a painfully shy child, Robyn, for the past 15 years, has helped thousands of business professionals Communicate instead of talk, Engage instead of instruct and Inspire instead of inform. She has worked with individuals and groups from Robinson Lerer & Montgomery strategic communication, Deloitte & Touche, Allstate, Grassi & Co, Atlantis Health Plan, Ladies Who Launch, Prudential Douglass Elliman, Williams Lea and many more. She is an adjunct professor at New York City’s Baruch College and The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she teaches Business Presentation courses; a master trainer and curriculum developer with Leadership Transformation Group, LLC ; a consultant with Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, Ltd. and a trainer/performer with Performance Plus, an innovative management training and employee development program whose clients include: Morgan Stanley, Bank of America & Wachovia. Robyn is a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, American Society of Training and Development, the Writers Guild of America East, Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity and American Federation of Radio and Television Artists. She has served on the executive boards of several organizations and is an appointed member and committee chair of Manhattan’s Community Board 5. Robyn is also a professional actress and writer. She appears regularly on TV in commercials and dramas and her voice can be heard on several radio commercials.

Services / Products:

  • Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

    Research shows that communication is 90% non-verbal,SpeakEtc. provides group and individual coaching and training for interview skills, value propositions, “elevator pitches” accent reduction, PowerPoint presentations and more. Using video-taped feedback, SpeakEtc. helps clients create and deliver personalized, powerful, organized communications. Through consultation and videotaped role-play, we assess the verbal and nonverbal aspects of your presentation. We then work on creating and shaping an engaging, memorable and focused message. Customized exercises are provided and expert technical feedback is given to address and polish content and delivery. Video feedback provided at every session.

  • Workshops and Presentations

    SPEAKEtc. Conducts workshops and events around the following topics or can design a workshop tailored to your needs. Express to Impress : Visual, vocal and verbal skills and techniques needed for powerful interviews, value propositions and presentations; Pitching Power/ Get Them at “Hello” : For building effective rapport, winning sales pitches, and engaging value propositions; High-Performance Presentations – Advanced presentation skills training. Teaches: how to grab and keep audience attention, create well organized content, use visual aids and more; Rules of Engagement – tips and techniques for becoming a more engaging and effective trainer;

  • Vocal Workout CD

    38% of your message’s impact is communicated solely through your voice. On the phone, your voice and vocal quality accounts for 84% of your message?SpeakEtc.'s Vocal Workout is designed to help you practice and develop impressive vocal skills which will enable you to carry out more effective, powerful and persuasive communication. The Vocal Workout takes you through a series of breathing exercises, pronunciation practices and articulation and intonation drills designed to develop and strengthen the voice and the vocal instrument.


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