A human capital company, we offer HR and Talent Acquisition strategies, including employer branding, custom search, HR support, and more. From time to time, we watch as even the steadiest industries evolve and change. Whether it be the emergence of new technologies, smarter strategies, or just plain bigger ideas from visionary leaders, over the duration of our careers, we tend to experience occasional seismic shifts in thought leadership, innovation, and execution – and how we chart a new course toward business success. Hire Correct chooses not to reactively adapt. We prefer to partner, understand, collaborate, and know our clients, so together we can anticipate, design, and execu...
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Robyn T Chapman
HR Correct, LLC dba Hire Correct
145 Allen Oaks Way
Covington, GA

Phone: 404.663.0447
Email: info@hirecorrect.com
Website: http://www.hirecorrect.com

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