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North Hollywood, California
  • Every business, no matter how big or small, needs to keep an organized workflow of the company’s many processes. The more employees and tasks involved in the company, the more indispensable the need for creating a business workflow that can keep the process organized and minimize mistakes.

    But how do you go about creating an effective business workflow that covers all bases? Here are some tips based on my own experience.

    Step 1: Evaluate your Needs

    Before you start creating a workflow, the initial stage must be to evaluate your needs. What tasks or processes in your company require a workflow? Even the shortest process may require a few steps from initialization to completion. If you were to map it out, how many people would be involved, what information would be required, and what steps must be completed?

    As an example, if you are selling items, what is the sales process from the point of receiving an order to completing it? You may have to consider steps such as tak [...]

  • We ladies at Savor the Success are a creative and helpful bunch. Together, we share entrepreneurial tips, support each other, inform on updates and relevant news and help each other thrive as business women. As such, many of us have started our own companies while others may have the entrepreneurial bug but have yet to start their business project. That’s why it’s important for those of us with the experience to pass on our knowledge and learned lessons to those ladies who are new in the entrepreneurial field.

    With that in mind, I will be writing a few posts on useful tips to start your company. Today, we speak of one that for me, was always the most difficult – coming up with the right name for your new company, brand or product!

    Why is it important to pick the right name for your company? Well, to begin, it’s the first impression that potential clients may have. Through your brand’s name, is it clear what the company does? Ideally, it should! If not, logos, imagery and fo [...]

  • When it comes to job searching, most applicants assume that applying and preparing for an interview is enough. On the contrary, however, being successful in a job search calls for more than that: You need to take advantage of professional networking sites, find jobs that are in your line of interest and also use your networks to keep track of the right openings. More importantly, you have to create a targeted cover letter and resume highlighting your skills and qualifications in relation to the job you have applied for.

    What makes your resume stand out from the pool of applicants?

    Importance of a Good Resume

    Friends and colleagues may have told you a lot of things about what you should or shouldn’t include in a resume. In truth, however, every resume needs to be tailored to an individual’s situation. Remember, for every job opening, about 100 to 1000 applicants forward their resumes; consequently, if there’s nothing unique about yours, you’ll lose the chance to someone [...]

  • It is no secret that the modern world of employment is more competitive and challenging than ever before. Although you may boast an impressive set of skills, failing to portray yourself properly can very literally cost you a lucrative job position.

    The difference between a dull and an interesting resume can mean the difference between your resume being ignored or standing out!

    This is one of the primary reasons why proper resume writing and formatting is so very important. However, this can also be a very confusing task. If you find yourself at a proverbial loss for words, resume samples can come in very handy. Let's take a look at some of the major advantages that this service has to offer.

    Bespoke Designs

    Of course, no two resumes will ever be alike. While there is an individualistic flair that needs to be present, there are generalised resume templates that can help to guide you in the right direction. What font should you use? Are there proper borders and inden [...]

  • What makes a recruiter great? While each person has a different opinion on the traits that make a recruiter effective, there are a few major commonalities that shape the difference between a good recruiter and an amazing recruiter. Although we can’t all have the recruiting abilities of companies like Google, there are strategies that we can follow to become successful HR leaders.

    Here are four important habits from successful leaders that will turn your recruiting strategies into a powerhouse that finds and attracts top talent:

    1) They adopt new technology

    A common mistake made by numerous HR departments is the lack of proactive research on the latest advances in the field of recruitment. As the internet and software develop, ignoring the progressive changes in the environment could mean ineffective targeting, in addition to losing out on increased efficiency. Cloud recruitment software is one of the most beneficial advances in recruiting technology, allowing compani [...]

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