I serve as the Executive Director of Out Against Abuse, and hope to create a place for active discussion on issues dealing with gender based abuse. My interests include working to advance women’s rights, and I am also active in other domestic violence non profit organizations, including Gen2, Sakhi’s Junior Board. I graduated from the University of Texas-Austin, majoring in Business Honors and Finance with a minor in Economics and have 2 years experience in Investment Banking Out Against Abuse: Mission Statement: Out against abuse is an online blog based forum created to bring together activists, volunteers, survivors, and members of the community to encourage the discussion o...
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Sabrin Chowdhury
Out Against Abuse
420 West 42nd Street, Apt. 26F
New York,

Phone: 646-421-0987
Email: schowdhury@outagainstabuse.org
Website: http://www.outagainstabuse.org

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