I am the founder of Appetite For Seduction. We teach couples romantic cooking classes. Our classes are an interactive, entertaining, and intoxicating evening (think dinner party meets cooking class). Our goal is to teach couples that the first ingredient to any dish is love. Throughout the evening, our guests discover how to prepare aphrodisiacs and understand their effect on the libido as well as their romantic history. I myself am a Mom, a wife and an astrology fanatic. I live in NYC, which I love. I speak Spanish, Italian and can order a croissant in French. I love to travel, chill at the beach and dance.

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Shani Delamor
Appetite For Seduction
10 Stuyvesant Oval
Apt. 6G
New York, NY

Phone: 917-294-1553
Email: shani@appetiteforseduction.com
Website: http://appetiteforseduction.com

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