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  • Women Programmers' History

    December 27, 2013

    Women Programmers History

    Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper role models for girls to learn to code

    Google Doodle- Ada Lovelace In Honor of Women’s Herstory Month I want to honor Ada Lovelace who wrote the 1st computer program & Grace Hopper who coined the term "bug" in a program. Both are great role models for girls to learn to code. Google honored Ada Lovelace with a “google doodle” which reminded me just how important programming and coding is in my life. I would never have had the confidence to enter startup weekend had I not learned to code at a young age.
    At StartUp Weekend NYCEdu (March 1st- 3rd), I was challenged to spend 54 hours developing and designing a product that would “solve problems in the education space.” Challenge accepted and conquered. I’m pleased to say that my group, KickArt Games, was voted Audience Favorite by our peers. In only 54 hours, a team of developers, designers, educators, and business people created an art history based iPad App for kids!
    [ca [...]
  • School Leadership: What Makes a School Great?- Part 4


    School leadership is a selfless act.

      School leadership is about taking care of those that are entrusted to you. It is a selfless act and is not about receiving a title or acknowledgement. Cared for, happy employees are more productive in their work and feel invested in the community they work in. Great principals give recognition their faculty and are respectful of the work they do. Furthermore, they set challenging stretch goals, set the standard of how to be an ongoing learner and are willing to try new things and experiment without revamping everything. Principals should have their finger on the pulse of the school and be aware of what is going on in various classrooms and distinct relationships in the school. A great school leader has the judgment about what traditions to preserve and when to experiment with something new. They are flexible, especially in their thinking and look for creative solutions to proble [...]
  • Join the Maker Movement

    November 29, 2013

    Join the Maker Movement

    Make, Innovate and Create at Makerfaire

    Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to build a robot or motorize your Legos? You can. Join the Maker Movement.

    This Saturday 9/21 & Sunday 9/22, 10 am - 6 pm, at World Makerfaire @ New York Hall of Science.

    Dale Dougherty, CEO Maker Faire

    The Maker Movement is the widespread adoption of Do It Yourself - DIY, culture where anyone can learn to design and create things with modern technology tools. MAKE Magazine's How to articles and YouTube videos teach people skills in quilting, woodworking, welding, knitting, electronic circuit boards wiring and robot building, thus making it accessible to everyone. At MakerFaire Bay Area in May, I met Dale Dougherty the father of the Maker Movement. He is the CEO of Maker Media, the publisher of MAKE Magazine and creator of the MakerFaire. This photo shows me and Dale Dougherty at Makerfaire Education Day. I was a Makerfaire tour guide for a 6th grade class from Los Altos, CA on Education Day. Dale talked about [...]

  • Teachers Make a School Great

    What makes a school great series- Part 2

    What makes a great teacher? How to spot a great teacher in the classroom? A great teacher teaches essential content but more importantly how to learn.

    As a continuation of the “What Makes a School Great” series, I will focus on how teachers facilitate making schools great so that parents may evaluate different schools to find the right school for their child.

    Teacher with students

    In the 2010 documentary, "Waiting for Superman", Geoffrey Canada founder and CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone, said “watching a master teacher is like seeing an art form in practice. You know you’re in the presence of greatness.”

    I’d like to expand upon his observation by saying that, watching a master teacher is like observing a conductor who skillfully orchestrates a large group of students in action; circulating around the room while attending to a range of different needs, presenting information clearly and relating to students on a per [...]

  • Great Curriculum & 21st Century Skills: What Makes a School Great? Part 3

    A Curriculum that teaches students 21st century skills. 21st century skills prepare students to live in a global community with an unknown and rapidly changing future.

    How do you spot a school with a great curriculum and learning opportunities?

    Maker spaces and time to create and use 21st Century skills like Design thinking and entrepreneurship.

    Caine's arcade MakerFaireA great curriculum teaches kids 21st century skills; to design, make and be entrepreneurs, in preparation to live globally in a rapidly changing world. The annual Cardboard Challenge sponsored by the Imagination Foundation is one example of an innovative way to incorporate these skills into a school curriculum. The cardboard challenge is an annual celebration of student projects made of cardboard inspired by Caine's Arcade. It started 2 years ago to “let children explore their interests and passions”, “teach valuable ‘21st century’ skills like critica [...]
  • What makes a school great?

    October 24, 2013

    What makes a school great?

    How to find the right school for my child?

    5 things to Look for in a School?

    Introducing a 5-Part series of blog posts on how to spot a great school.

    PS191 Museum Magnet School District 3 What makes a great school

    “How do I find the right school for my child?” or

    “What makes a school great?”

    are two questions parents often ask me. So, I’ve compiled this five part series for parents to help them evaluate different schools and find the right school for their child. “What makes a school great?”, is a difficult question.  One answer is “Great Teachers.” Another answer is high test scores.” An additional answer is “a visionary dynamic school leader.” The truth is great schools are hard to spot.  High test scores alone don’t make a great school. A great teacher by herself does not make a great school either.  None of these factors alone make a great school. So, what do parents look for in a great school?

    I always answer this question by saying,

    “Great Teachers are what make a scho [...]

  • Breathe Easy, Test-Taking Tips for Parents & Students
    Help students stay positive and relaxed to improve performance during this Test-taking season.
    Test-taking tips to help kids relieve anxiety around rigorous state tests. Research shows that brains perform better when we’re happy & think positively.

    [Yoga-lotus position-Avenues School]

    Over the past few weeks and even months, students as young as third grade to eighth grade have been gearing up to take state standardized assessments. These assessments in recent years have become more rigorous, but while some students look at these tests as a challenge, others students are ridden with anxiety. In a recent New York Times article,“Warriors vs. Worriers”, Bronson and Merryman highlight why this might be. Test anxiety stems from our brains preparing our bodies for  “fight or flight”. The increased hormone levels in the amygdala, a more primitive part of the brain, creates heightened awareness and even heightened stress level [...]



    Moms-to-be Guide to

    Preparing for Baby


    How to prepare when you're expecting a baby

    7 experts give advice on making a baby to do list and preparing for life as a parent.

    So you’re having a baby? Congratulations! Time to sit back, relax, and read  What to Expect, When You're Expecting, for the next nine (actually more like ten) months, right?  Dr. Berry Brazelton, our nations's favorite pediatrician's book Touch Points is also a great resource for preparing for a baby. Well, you should certainly relax and be sure to take extra good care of yourself during your pregnancy, but many moms-to-be feel overwhelmed with all there is to do to prepare for the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

    To help you navigate the overwhelming world of baby, I got together with some of the industry’s most well known experts to talk about what to expect. This baby to do list will tell you what you really need to do to prepare for a baby.  We have made planning for a baby e [...]


    [Science Technology Engineering & Math]

    Happy Holidays from

    Dream Workshop!

    Christmas is just around the corner; and while many children anxiously await Tuesday, some parents are still wondering what toys they can get their children that are both fun and educational. Well, look no more! Piggy-backing on the theme of the last blog post, how to mold children into young mathematicians and scientists, I’ve highlighted three toys that can go under the tree this holiday season to inspire girls to build and enjoy STEM.  STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

    Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen of Stanford University noticed that there were very few women in their upper level math and science courses. For most girls, an interest in science is already latent within them, yet never fostered. So, they decided to do something about it by making a toy geared towards young girls, Roominate.

    It’s thought that while girls play, [...]

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