Sherrie Bourg Carter - CEO
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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  • Hello. I'm a new member to Savor the Success and was thrilled to find another opportunity for high-achieving women to support one another. I am a psychologist by trade and from that have learned a lot of things about people. I've seen personalities that range from exceedingly kind to the most sinister. I've seen people overcome unbelievable odds and succeed while others who seem to have it all let it slip away. I’ve seen personal tragedies that brought tears to my eyes and personal triumphs that did the same. But from all of these experiences, the most important thing I learned is that regardless of what happens to people, whether it be good or bad, it’s their attitude and resiliency more than anything else that determines their direction and their future. And it is from this perspective that I tend to write and blog. 

    My career has been a journey as I think all careers should be. In fact, I think it’s unrealistic to expect that career choices you make and passion you feel for a [...]

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