I am a Nutritional Therapist in New York City. I have been practicing in New York for 5 years, and have built the most beautiful clientele. They are professional men and women who are tremendously busy and need a special hand from someone who understands their lifestyle and can work with them in a very detailed and personal way. My focus is on creating a whole foods diet that is easy and delicious. I also work on special issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, acid-reflux, food challenges, and just simple guidance on how to eat and what to eat to stay healthy. I love to work with brides who want to look their best for their weddings an...
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Sheryl Moller
Rocket Nutrition
730 west 183rd
New York, NY

Phone: 646 522 7991
Email: sherylmoller@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rocketnutrition.com

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