Vestopia is the creator of the original Mom's Utility Vest: perfect for a day out with your kids with 18 pockets designed to hold all you need from a diaper bag and your purse so you can leave the bags behind! The Vestopia Vest is ideal for a day hike, with insulated pockets for drinks, lunch, rain jacket, hat, sunscreen, maps, 1st Aid, compass - and the ultimate travel vest; pack your sweater, wipes, iPad, guide books, eye shades… like having a free extra carry on. The Mom’s Utility Vest is better for your back, neck and shoulders as determined by a chiropractor and much more convenient to find and reach things. The Vestopia Vest is a perfect travel vest too; like having a free extra...
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Dawn Gallaher, model, author, mom... loves her Mom's Utility Vest; making parenting easier, more fun and more loving. Lulu in hibiscus paws kuvvy!

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