Sophie Wade

Flexcel Network, LLC - Founder, Future of Work Strategist
New York, New York
  • Change in is the air. Taking stock, for the second National Work & Family Month, there has been much progress over the past year. The framework, location, form and very essence of employment are evolving, significantly. Workplace flexibility is an integral part of the new equation. Physical and temporal boundaries have blurred. Career definitions are being disrupted and career paths re-directed or re-distributed. Corporate culture is gaining importance as value and purpose become desired or required. And, 'happiness' has even emerged as a new Corporate Objective. Wow.

    The changes are starting to impact everyone - whether in a corporate role, part of an entrepreneurial venture, working as an independent contractor or in transition between any of the above. The opportunity is enormous: for each individual to identify and implement the work scenario they really want, that also 'fits' well as part of their life. The challenge can also be significant - thinking it all through, and [...]

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