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  • Take a good look. Yes, I want you to open your own website and social media profiles right now and look at your online presence. Examine the branding, graphics and structure. Now read your own copy, not just on the homepage, but every page.

    Does it match how you feel about yourself and your brand?

    Does it visually represent how your brand should feel to your ideal audience, or did you just pick pink because it’s your favorite color?

    There is no better time than right now to look at what it takes to be a Superstar Brand.

    Discover what needs to be tweaked and what needs a makeover. If you have a vision of your business goals, hopes and dreams and you haven’t yet reached them, start by realizing that what you put out there is what you receive back. Your visual and written footprint is your  representation when you are not there. It’s the heart of your brand online.

    Let’s look at a few brands and see what makes them successful!

    1-Mashable: A leading website source for news, inf [...]

  • WordPress is my favorite – and I bet yours – website building platform!

    It’s an easy learning curve to get up and running with this content management system and by adding just the right plugins it becomes a small business owner’s secret weapon.

    WordPress websites / blogs come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple small business brochure-style site to a more complex e-commerce product-driven store. The fact that you can start out simply and build on the content as well as the functionality is what makes it so “responsive” – both in its capabilities and how it appears to users across all devices.

    It’s very important as we move into 2014 to make sure your website is using a mobile friendly design. Do you know that tablets are outselling desktops?

    I’d like to share some of my favorite plugins that you can install to maximize your website and draw your target audience to you. Using these plugins within your website will add important functionality to build your online brand visi [...]

  • buiilding a creative communityYou started your business to speak through your work, to express yourself, explore your craft and do what you love while making money.

    All of those things are honorable and important but there is one characteristic of good branding and good business that some people don’t know about, and that’s “giving.”

    Giving to others without expectations of receiving. You can give samples of your product to a charity, you can give back your time by teaching for free at a school or local community center or hospital, or online with your own webinar/teleclass.

    You can bring students or interns into your office/studio and mentor them for school credit and more. 

    Branding You Better, my blog, features tutorials both written and screencast video, & are PACKED with content about understanding and using WordPress, using social media sites like LinkedIn and the groups section, and other areas of branding and marketing that people use to build their online presence. They are FREE to anyone who ne [...]

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