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Broadcast Louder welcomes Laura Garnett for: The Art of Genius Branding

Last message: Broadcast Louder Webinar Series presents The Art of Genius Branding: The Five Keys to Building Your Genius Brand with Laura Garnett! 4/10/13 12 PM EST 9 AM PST with Laura Garnett, Zone of Genius, To learn more about w...

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Woman of the Week: Payson Cooper Says "Build Your Tribe"

Payson Cooper has a penchant and passion for authentic marketing strategies and big dreams. Now she helps her clients achieve successful marketing techniques that bring out the best they have to offer. But Payson's career path has brought her fro...

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Bobbie Robertson

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Risk Taking 101 - Steps 1 & 2

Yesterday I told you that I categorize risks into good risks, scary risks, & stupid risks. I also said I have 5 steps that I use to evaluate risks and determine whether to leap head first or run for the hills. Step #1 - What is the benefit...

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Women Entrepreneurs DO Rock the World

When I applied for the Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World Grant I was in the pre-launch phase of Mom Gets A Life.  Everything was moving at lightening speed and I was enjoying being in "the zone."    You know... that place ...

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Three EASY Ways To Overrule Any Objection!

Wouldn’t it be great if whenever your customer voiced an objection about your product or service, you could pound a gavel and announce, “objection overruled!” Unfortunately, you’re going to have to take another tact to win...

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What do Kim Kardashian, Oprah, and Barbie Have in Common?

Of course, they’re all attractive and successful women. But they’re also attractive and successful brands. Think about it. When you hear any of their names, you automatically know what you’re going to get. Kim Kardashian...

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Small Changes in your Product make a BIG Difference in the Marketplace...

Hello Savor Ladies! Welcome to my FIRST Savor blog :-) For me, every product is constantly evolving…but it is it’s first 5 steps of evolution that are going to decide the level of it’s success: Idea, Product Development, B...

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Using Your Savor Media Lists

Contributed by Publicity Specialist Melissa Cassera - If you’re reading this article you’re most likely eligible to start downloading your Savor Media Lists. Congratulations. This is a fabulous benefit for pre...

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