Temenouzhka Zaharieva

Trendoffice Design Consultancy - owner
Sofia - Bulgaria
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    By Ingo Schaer

    Interior Deluxe talked to Temenouzhka Zaharieva an Interior Designer from Sofia about Living Room Lighting and How to create a good mood in your living space by using great lighting.

    Interior-Deluxe: What’s important to keep in mind when lighting a living room?

    TZ: Lighting is one of the most exciting elements of interior design, and yet one that can still be neglected. Especially by clients, mostly because they are not aware of the many possibilities that lighting can bring to the overall impact of a room – both, during the day when not switched on, but it can be a great accent piece with its design, and in the darkness of the night when we can create different moods just with the help of lighting.

    The old days of the single pendant light in the middle of the room are becoming a distant memory, a good living room lighting today means a good mix of lighting for all the different activities that we usually share in the [...]

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