Thandi Zulu Alexander

Free To Work At Home Team - Social Media Specialist / Marketing
Biloxi, MS
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  • Back to school savings

    August 31, 2009

    ½ Price Memberships!!

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    • Basic Wellness was $14.95 a month NOW ONLY $7.48 a month


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    • Household Dental Plus was $19.95 a month NOW ONLY $9.98 a month


    • Total Health was $39.95 a month NOW ONLY $19.98 a month


    • Total Health Plus was $59.95 a month NOW ONLY $29.98 a month

    The benefit packages we offer are from AmeriPlan®.
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    Savings Of Up To 80% Nationwide
    ~ No Annual Limit On Visits Or Services
    ~ Immediate Savings
    ~ All Ongoing Dental or Medical Problems Included (except orthodontic treatment already in progress)
    ~ Cosmetic Dentistry Included
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    ~ All Specialists Included [...]

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    You owe it to yourself, and the efforts you've made, to take this step.


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