Hi! my name is Virginia (Ginny) Darrow-Menegaz. I am a registered dietitian and integrative & functional nutritionist and founding owner of Nutrition for WellnessTM. Nutrition for Wellness’s signature programs use powerful cutting edge resources guided by evidence-based research to help you achieve your healthiest state of Nourished, Strong, and CenteredTM. I work in close partnership with you to help you reach your personal best state of nourished, strong & centeredTM. Together creating optimal health for the You you are today and the You you will be tomorrow. I am excited to help you get the right messages to your cells so that you grow a year younger on your next birthday.


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Virginia Darrow-Menegaz
Nutrition for Wellness
13677 Samhill Drive
Mount AIry , MD

Phone: 3014663707
Email: Virginia@Nutrition4Wellness...
Website: http://www.Nutrition4Wellness.com

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