Yetunde Taiwo

ICY Public Relations - Creative Director
Miami, Florida
  • How do you shop for your professional look? I usually find that signature items are my thing. A nice ring, that a client will remember. A nice bracelet, a colorful scarf or a great bag. So instead of shopping in commercial stores, I find myself going to flea markets, boutiques or shopping event. So let me take this opportunity to invite you to New York City during Fashion Week

    I would love to invite you to TAB NYC: A Global Luxury Shopping Event scheduled for Saturday September 14th to wrap up New York Fashion Week. 

    I am excited that my company ICY PR is managing the publicity for this event. TAB NYC aims at promoting independent and established companies, with interest of expanding clientele to a global audience during NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. Fashion & beauty enthusiasts can expect an opportunity to shop the latest International Fashions from Canada, USA, UK, West Africa, South Africa, Dubai and more at I hope you ladies will join me and other fashionistas to find item [...]

  • Do you have a GLORY FILE?

    September 14, 2009

    I have to share this with you ladies. One too many a time we work so hard we hardly stop to breath and look at all we have done.

    When I was a freshman in college my English teacher told us about a glory file. She said find a folder and put all the compliments and nice things that people have said about you in a folder. When you start to feel worn down or doubtful about your purpose or your ability, open that file and remember how hard you work or how nice you can be.

    I did not like the idea at first I thought it made me conceded, and that it might make me lose my drive, or cloud my judgment of my abilities.

    Since 1997 I've had  a glory file. I've only ever looked at it once but knowing it's there compels me to keep being a better version of myself so that I can give to others. Angela's motto of give, give, get is a perfect mantra.

    So ladies if you don't have a glory file may I suggest you create one that will remind you or just how dedicated, loving, kind and hardworking you [...]

  • Hello Ladies. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening.

    I hope you are all having a great introduction to the week ahead.

    I just wanted to let you know about my clients latest collection. Do share your thoughts.

    Have a fashiobably productive day.

    Ready to Wear


    all hands on deck

    It's funny, I started out pre-law in college and my junior year I switched to communications and Journalism. I find myself often switching to a lawyer mind set when it comes to agreements and contracts for my business as well as my clients. These days I find myself in situations where I have to develop basic agreements for my clients for their projects.

    This weekend, one of my clients was asked to be a part of a charity event in Africa. Off the bat my client was willing to do this for free with no contract to follow it simply because it was for charity. I explained why even if it was complimentary, we needed to develop an agreement for her so that she can be protected against any mishaps or possible revenue stream from the photo shoot images for the promotion of the event.

    The contract was one page long with basic take care of my client, comp tickets to the event, option to bow out, e.t.c

    My question to you is:

    How do you show good faith to the Project Sponso [...]

  • Hello Ladies. I am so glad I found this network. I am looking forward to making friends, business colleagues and prospective clients. It's trully a pleasure to be here. It's so clean organized, chic. I'm simply giddy thinking about it :). Thank you for following your vision Angela.


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