I am an advocate for healthy living lifestyles. I say, advocate because I like to take those that are educated enough to know that they can feel better but are still wary of the journey. I created Joulebody Wellness as a tool to educate and support women who are seeking to feel better in their bodies. My company has helped thousands learn what it means to eat healthier and how to live a more mindful lifestyle. I started Joulebody in 2007 thinking it would be a yoga studio/cafe only to find myself accidentally in the food manufacturing business. I now coach clients one-on-one as well as in corporations. I also finally finished development of a healthy supplement bar that is formulated ...
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I finally completed my first sound of meals created at my partners restaurant. The process was suppose to make my life easier, but as all things that are new take some learning, I definitely had to put out some fires. But at least we started the process.

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