Soul Journeys® Highly Conscious Business Intensive

This business intensive is an 8-week empowering and enlightening “telephone classroom,” where I share all 8 steps of the Soul Journeys® Highly-Conscious Business program for spirit-centered entrepreneurs. As a unified, like-intended group of 20 highly-conscious souls, your collective consciousness supports you in exponentially: evolving into an abundant attraction magnet, experiencing balance and alignment in all areas of your life, amplifying your JOY quotient, and propelling your business to your next level.

This is the perfect program for self-starters who are thinking about launching a business but are looking for a solid foundation OR for existing entrepreneurs who are burned out from the existing ways that their business is running them (rather than them running their business) and are looking for expert guidance on how to create a profitable, sustainable highly-conscious business that makes a difference in our world.

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