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Kelly Stirling, a licensed cosmetologist for over 15 years, knew first hand that no one was providing the women in her community with cosmetics options like she could. Her years of experience working in film, television and print gave her a wealth of knowledge about a variety of products that aren’t available in department or specialty stores.

Kelly selectively picks luxurious brands to represent and sell from the online store. Providing customers with a tempting array of products is just one of the ways she shows her dedication to customer service. She has been extensively trained on each line carried; insuring customers receive the best possible care and guidance, and the ultimate beauty shopping experience.

The On Call Stylist web site,, launched in January 2010 offers many of its lines to an extensive clientele of national and international contacts who have already expressed the desire to order online. The web site will be an educational tool and an e-commerce platform, staying true to Kelly's mission to help women and men perfect their beauty needs.

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